Neuheiten Februar-März 2008 (Auswahl)

Februar 14th, 2008
Carl Craig

Label: !K7 CD - 730004000000
file under: Dance/Electronic
VÖ 22.02.2008
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Autor: Gerhard K. Englert, Sprecher: Wolfgang Schmidt

Der Klassik(ver)führer: Band 5
Label: Auricula CD - 9783936196078
file under: Klassik-Hörbuch
VÖ 01.02.2008
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Bob Williams

Walking Home
Label: Bluebird Cafe Berlin Records CD - 4260020650289
file under: Singer/Songrriter Americana
VÖ 01.01.2008


drop in & find out
Label: Bomb Voyage CD -
file under: Techno
VÖ 14.02.2008
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You Pretty Thing

Tune In
Label: Bon Voyage Records CD - 4260110000000
file under: Power Pop Rock
VÖ 07.03.2008
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Label: Eastblok Music CD - 4047179087322
file under: Osteuropa, Rock
VÖ 01.02.2008
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grand theatre e.p. (fenou05)
Label: fenou CD - 827170072268
file under: electronic, minimal, electronica
VÖ 11.02.2008
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Fabian Gatti

Label: Freizeitglauben Berlin CD -
file under: Techhouse With Detroit Emph.
VÖ 18.02.2008


Label: Loob Musik CD - 4019593002519
file under: musik
VÖ 21.03.2008
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König Quasi

Für das Volk
Label: Maintheme Records Berlin CD - 4260064640291
file under: Hip Hop
VÖ 22.02.2008
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Vic Ruggiero

Something In My Blindspot
Label: Moanin’ CD - 880918000000
file under: Singer/Songwriter/Country/Folk
VÖ 15.02.2008
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celebrating life
Label: morr music CD - 880918008028
file under: electronic
VÖ 29.02.2008
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Dapayk & Padberg

black beauty rmxs pt.1
Label: Mo’s Ferry Prod. CD - 827170178267
file under: electronic, frickel sound
VÖ 25.02.2008
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Watcha Clan

Diaspora Hi-Fi. A Mediterranean Caravan
Label: PIRANHA CD - 826863223024
file under: Electro World / France / Algeria / Mediterranean
VÖ 08.02.2008
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Bantu, Docta, Sister Fa & More

Many Lessons. Hiphop – Islam – West Africa
Label: PIRANHA CD - 826863211229
file under: HipHop / World
VÖ 28.03.2008


Controversy – A Tribute To Prince
Label: Rapster CD - 730004000000
file under: File under „Prince“
VÖ 15.02.2008


Essays Of Pathetic Moments
Label: rockhit records CD - 4019593002502
file under: Rock / Punkrock
VÖ 29.02.2008
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Funky Nassau – The Compass Point Story 1980-1986
Label: Strut CD - 730003000000
file under: Dance
VÖ 22.02.2008
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Kid Creole

Going Places - The August Darnell Years 1974-1983
Label: Strut CD - 730003000000
file under: Funk
VÖ 28.03.2008
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Pär Lammers Trio

Hinten rechts, der Regen
Label: Traumton Records CD - 705304451229
file under: Jazz
VÖ 14.03.2008
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Label: Underscan Records CD - 4260130000000
file under: Electronica
VÖ 14.03.2008

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